Cornerstone Chilean Mission
Cornerstone Chilean Mission
Mike and Tabi Boyce

We participate in a wide array of ministries. Mike currently focuses primarily on teaching, and Tabi currently focuses on maintaining her Spanish-language theology blog. We do, however, participate in many different types of ministries. Some of these ministries are led by Chilean friends and ministers, and we help out with teaching, photography, translation, or whatever support they need.

Bible and theology classes geared toward teaching and training ministers for their work in the church.
Sermons and seminars given on various occasions at different churches, as a guest speaker.
Preaching and Seminars
Several Bible studies attended by the church members.
Bible Study
The newest church plant. Elders: Jaime Escobar and Mike Boyce.
An culinary experience geared toward teaching and deepening Christian faith.
Passover Meals (temporarily suspended)
Gatherings of several ministers throughout Santiago, in an effort to foster unity and cooperation among the churches.
Pastoral and Unity Meetings
Translation of articles and books.
A website full of theological articles, as a tool and support for Spanish-speaking Christians online.
Spanish-language Theology Blog
Yearly retreat held by Jaime Escobar.  Mike usually preaches at these retreats.
Baking for events and neighbors.  Small gesture, but one we love.
We don't have many pictures of this ministry, out of respect for the people receiving the products.  But some people don't mind taking pictures.
A Bible-themed café with healthy and affordable sweets.  Plans are many; progress is slow.
Simples Delicias Cafe (in development)
For a time, we each had a show on a Christian radio.  This ministry has been discontinued, but here are some pictures.
Radio (discontinued ministry)
Recording material for missionaries and events.  We would like some day to come back to this, but for now, we have set it on the back burner.
Video (temporarily suspended ministry)
Our work in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Chile.
Earthquake 2010